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Organise your education centre’s distance learning in the most complete and integrated way possible. Expand your activities using the most advanced educational technology.



Use the internet to teach students from all over Greece using the most up-to-date educational tools for distance learning, Teach live using Blackboard Collaborate.



Select the course or seminar which meets your educational needs and then follow it on the internet from any fixed or mobile device. Discover what an important opportunity online learning can be.


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For students, educators, education centres and schools.

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We have created, and are delighted to offer you, subscription packages which allow you to use our educational tools and services at three different levels (Simple, Advanced, Premium). You can choose the standard package which is best suited to your needs. If you would like a different combination of services, you can create your own individual subscription package.

Choose the Free subscription to get to know the services and educational tools we have to offer (and to decide whether you would like to become a member)

Learning with Liveschool

Online courses or seminars from the top educational centres in Greece. Choose the course or seminar that best meets your needs.
Distance learning using cutting edge technology.

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